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This is a sample of my recent projects. If you would like to see more of my work, please get in touch.


Ubipix is an online platform that enables GPS-tagged video and images to be recorded, uploaded, published, analysed and shared.

I was involved in the project as a long-term contractor responsible for PHP development and map-based programming. The project utilised the specialist geographical software engineering skills that I acquired with my Masters degree in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), as well as a broad range of general back-end development and database optimisation skills. Our work had a strong focus on secure, responsive, AJAX-based design. I was the primary developer on the following aspects of the project, and secondary developer for the site as a whole, needing the flexibility to immediately switch focus when work was required on a certain area or a bug was discovered.

  • User groups system - the ability of users to create and manage private groups for the sharing of their media
  • Map optimisation - improving the performance of the application's online maps using clustering algorithms
  • Media combination - allowing users to link individual GPS-tagged videos together to form extended routes displayed at the map level
  • Media editing - adding edit capabilities for users to change or remove their media details after upload
Gaelic Gaming screenshot

Gaelic Gaming

Gaelic Gaming screenshot

Gaelic Gaming is a community website for the Irish online gaming scene. I was the sole front-end and back-end developer on this project, responsible for bringing the site owner's ideas to life at every stage of the development process. Gaelic Gaming is a fully customised Wordpress installation with the following features:

  • Custom-themed community forum and user profile system
  • Events management capabilities for admins
  • For users, event view & search, upcoming events automatically displayed in a number of locations
  • Custom display of news items, including frontpage flash banner for featured articles
  • Embedded live streaming of games

The Arcade

The Arcade is an online magazine aimed at geek and gamer culture in Ireland.

As the company's co-founder and sole web developer, I have designed and developed in full several incarnations of the website since its launch in 2010. The project is a highly customised Wordpress installation tailored towards suiting the magazine's large team of writers. I also design promotional materials for the company, including online advertisements and printed posters & flyers. The Arcade has a sizeable social media fanbase, and I am involved in managing, promoting and optimising its social media presence through advertising and online competitions.

Gaelic Gaming screenshot